Nothing have released a new vinyl-only album Don’t Look For Light In Tunnels (A Decade Of Nothing) that was recorded as a celebration of their 10th anniversary. Here's the description:

In 2020, to commemorate a decade of Nothing, Domenic Palermo and the group travelled to Rhode Island studio Machines with Magnets to fulfill a two part thought experiment with producer Seth Manchester. The vision was to capture the sound of nothing on both a sonic and subsonic level. On the surface of the 180 gram vinyl you experience the recordings of the live room setting of Nothing with meticulously placed mics, tuned drums and guitars, amplifiers, pre-amps, EQs and compressors set. With the help of legendary vinyl cutter Paul Brekus, a methodical double grooved b side hides the second more cerebral part of the vision. Manchester takes a page from Alvin Lucier’s “I Am Sitting in a Room" projecting the 2010 Nothing demo through the live room speakers repeatedly until the song dissolved into the tonal sound of room resonances that seem to span infinitely. ‘Don’t Look For Light in Tunnels’ is cased in a true Stygian void, housed in a matte gatefold jacket with an embossed cover, full black flood print inside, and features a 10 page booklet and limited to 1000. Designed by Jackson D Green and produced at Studio 4 Vinyl.

If you don't understand exactly what this is, well, neither do we, but the double groove part sounds cool. They've pressed 1000 of them and you can preorder it here.

Nothing's most recent studio album is 2020's The Great Dismal.


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