Christopher Bono's avant-garde/contemporary classical project NOUS are releasing the third and final installment in their trilogy which began with 2018's NOUS I and continued with December 2019's NOUS II. As on those two albums, the lineup for this one is Christopher Bono, Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy, Ex Eye, etc), Shahzad Ismaily (Ceramic Dog, Secret Chiefs 3, Ex Eye, etc), Thor Harris (Swans, Shearwater, etc), and Grey Mcmurray (itsnotyouitsme, So Percussion, etc). The album also features special guest appearances by members of the ACME and yMusic ensembles, Laraaji & Arji, and more.

NOUS III comes out May 29 via Our Silent Canvas (pre-order), and we're premiering first single "Ninths," along with a video of the recording process. This is more of a quiet, meditative song for NOUS, but the album has its louder moments -- as you'd probably expect from a lineup like this -- so if you're unfamiliar with NOUS, check out the stream of NOUS II below as well to get a better overall feel. Here's what Chris says about "Ninths":

The ethos of NOUS is to consistently explore the spectrum of improvisational possibilities in music. While the ensemble has explored free jazz, noise, traditional song structures and rhythmic motifs as improvisational fodder, the first single from NOUS III, “Ninths” is a contemplative and atmospheric melodic work that was presented to the musicians as a simple lead sheet that consisted of a series of “Ninth” chords (music theory nomenclature) moving in a parallel fashion. This repetitive progression provides the foundation on which NOUS weaves and layers a dynamic improvisational performance.

Also, NOUS has another release planned for later this year: a collaboration with Laraaji. After that one, another NOUS project will be on the way from the lineup of Christopher Bono and jazz veteran Karl Berger, and it'll feature contributions from Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin, Wood), Christopher Pravdica (Swans), Ira Coleman (Sting), master flutist Steve Gorn, and more. That one's due in late 2020 or 2021. Stay tuned.

NOUS III Tracklist
01. We Hope The Weather Will Continue
02. Ninths
03. A Falling Tear
04. Never Can It Be
05. Dust Suspended
06. Egac Ot Egamon
07. Blush
08. Chandra
09. Kindness

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