With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many of us home a lot more, we've been asking artists to make us playlists of the music they've been listening to in isolation, and this one comes from Now, Now singer/guitarist/keyboardist KC Dalager.

KC's list includes songs by Grimes, Caroline Polacheck, Bully, Maggie Rogers, MUNA, Daddy Issues, CHVRCHES, and more, and she wrote personable commentary on each of her 18 picks. Scroll down to listen to the playlist and read what she had to say...

1.) "Has to Be Better" - Goldmyth
I rarely hear something and instantly fall in love, but that's what happened when I creeped Goldmyth on instagram. She plays harp and that incorporated into really cool pop songs is really special.

2.) "Tongue Tied" - WENS
I do not have enough words to describe how much I love Wens' writing and vocals. The production is interesting and also simple, it's perfect.

3.) "Craigslist Personals" - WRENN
Are you trying to cry? Listen to this song. Reminds me of what I listened to growing up but also what I want to listen to now. Nostalgic and current. Difficult to achieve.

4.) "Lost Cause//" - KennyHoopla
I have so much to say about this guy but i'll try to keep it simple. Kenny is crazy. He says exactly what you feel but in a way you'd never imagine saying it. But you know exactly what it means. This song makes me feel like I've given up but in a good way.

5.) "Tawara Uta" - Chuck Jonkey / Sonic Safari Productions
Taiko and traditional Japanese music are a staple for me. Even when it's heartbreaking, reminds me of the beauty in the world.

6.) "Say It" - Maggie Rogers
I could listen to this song and only this song for the rest of my life. It hits me so hard. It keeps me company alone in my room. Maggie's voice sounds so strong but so tender. It is a perfect song.

7.) "Over Sensitive" - Chelsea Jade
One of the smartest writers I've ever listened to. Truly poetic and also the way I wish everyone would speak to me.

8.) "Jane" - Roy Blair
The energy of this song is hard to explain for me. It just feels so good. It's like sweetly being defeated. I find myself listening to it almost every time I'm in the car.

9.) "You Could Be Wrong" - Bully
Hands down one of my favorite bands. I love Alicia's voice and the way she uses it. The vocal with that lead guitar line is so cool.

10.) "Contact" - M00DRING
Brad and I wrote a soundtrack for a horror movie plot line that we came up with. We just played a bunch of keyboards for a few days straight and then combed back through to find the pieces we liked. There’s a voice memo of our friend’s kids in this track and it sounds so creepy. We made this collection of songs so quickly that I don’t feel like we actually made it, so I can enjoy listening to it.

11.) "Bone" - So Below
I imagine so many cool visual sequences whenever I listen to So Below. This makes me feel like I’m in a sci fi action movie preparing for hand to hand combat.

12.) "Cherry" - Luna Shadows
I think about this song nearly every day. And have for a handful of years now. I am always longing for someone/something and this song perfectly embodies the desperation I feel often. This is my anthem.

13.) "Ocean of Tears" - Caroline Polachek
I love the assertiveness of this song while being completely devastating. Makes me feel logically out of control. Or in a way I can rationalize. I would have absolutely used these lyrics as an away message.

14.) "Feelings" - Lennon Stella
The ultimate song for anyone who has ever hurt your feelings. Right at the point of heartbreak where you start to get your power back. This song really held my hand through a time where I felt very lonely. I’d listen to it on loop everywhere I went. The song would end and I’d go “Okay, one more time.”

15.) "Hands Off" - MUNA
This is one of my favorite songs. I love this concept because it’s so wild and powerful. I don’t know any songs that sound like this or give me this specific feeling. Every element of it is infuriatingly cool. Also completely unintentionally appropriate for this time and a great reminder to not touch your friends/loved ones/anything.

16.) "Locked Out" - Daddy Issues
“Turns out I’m a bummer” is such an incredible line, let alone a first line. Such a cool band all around.

17.) "Delete Forever" - Grimes
One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. This is my absolute favorite emotional pocket. So heartbreaking and despondent but with a little bounce.

18.) "Subtitles" - Nylo
If you're feeling lonely already, then listening to this song is really twisting the knife. But what better time to really hurt your own feelings.

19.) "Really Gone" - CHVRCHES
This song will kill me every time. It’s so sparse and so simple and so impactful. The melody. Actually makes me feel a bit ill because it hurts. Cue me embarrassing myself in the car singing to this one.


Before you go, watch this live video of Now, Now in 2017:

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