a pic of Guns N' Roses soundcheck @ Hiro Ballroom (via the Shaltzes)
Guns n Roses

Guns N' Roses' Fashion Week run of shows, that hit Webster Hall (aka the Ritz) last night (more about that later), actually also includes a private Fashion Week show at Hiro Ballroom tonight (2/16). Steve Lewis talked to Nur Khan, the man behind it, about the show, the venue and the Electric Room where Nur is throwing events too...

The rumor was that the show was going to be at The Electric Room but it got too big a thing and now it's at Hiro. In the future, you plan on doing a lot of shows at The Electric Room. How do you shows there....logistically?

I just did my first show there the other night. I remove furniture in front of a fireplace and half of the room. Set the PA and backline up in front of the fireplace - very similar to what I created with the Rose Bar sessions. You get the idea. You were at some of them. I see The Electric Room as a better fit for emerging bands. I'm doing this at Hiro; it's sort of my two cents into the goodbye. The town is losing another rock and roll room. I'm going to have to build another. We'd still be at Don Hill's if he hadn't died. This show at Hiro is all out ...confetti canons, arealists. It's the last hurrah before Mark Packer takes Hiro and Matsuri over and does what he does to it.