Danny Bobis at Party Xpo in Brooklyn in January
Danny Bobis

A prominent Long Island surfer disappeared while riding the waves in Indonesia [Sunday] during a remote-island vacation with his wife and a friend.

Danny Bobis, 32, who founded and coached the acclaimed Long Beach HS surf team, disappeared at around 9 a.m. local time while surfing 12-foot waves on a reef off Sumatra.

...For the next 11 hours [friend Brian Lonergan], Bobis' wife, Rachel, 28, and Jason King -- the owner of Krui Dami Bungalow surf camp, where the trio were staying -- scoured the beach for any other sign of the missing surfer.

"We pretty much searched the beach 'til nightfall and still have not found him," Lonergan said.

A professional search-and-rescue dive team arrived at the surf camp late last night and was expected to join the search today, Lonergan said. It's a perilous six-hour drive from the nearest airport, and he had no idea where the closest hospital was.

"The water wasn't especially rough," he said. "And there was nothing really abnormal about the size of the waves either. Danny is a really capable surfer and a really capable swimmer."

He said the group has been pleading with local authorities and the US Consulate to send a rescue helicopter to aid the search, but due to the reef's remote location, they were told air support was a long shot.
-[NY Post]

For more information and to help with the search efforts head to the Danny Bobis Info Facebook page. You can send a donation via Paypal to dannybobisfund@gmail.com

Bobis was also a member of local hardcore band Cipher. Maybe you caught them at the 2010 Afropunk Festival. Afropunk.com also has an article about Danny's disappearance as does CNN and many others.

At least one benefit show has already been set up, happening July 30th at the Masonic Temple in Smithtown, NY. Video news reports, with footage and interviews from a a vigil for Danny that was held last night in Long Beach, below...


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