Is New York City too damn quiet for you now during COVID-19 lockdown? Do you miss the constant honking of horns, car alarms, shouty drunks at 3:30 AM? Sick of all the birds pleasantly chirping without anything to drown it out? Or just miss the general soundtrack of the hustle and bustle? The New York Public Library is here to help. They may be known for shushing people, but NYPL has just released an album called Missing Sounds of New York -- "a collection of audio landscapes that evoke some of the sounds of New York City." It includes such hits as "For the Love of Noisy Neighbors," "Romancing Rush Hour," "The Not Quite-Quiet Library" and more. (It does not contain my favorite, "What Are You Barking About?") You can stream Missing Sounds of New York via Spotify or Soundcloud below.

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