Neckscars are a new-ish New York punk band formed by four veterans of the scene: Will Romeo (vocals, guitar), Justin Parish (guitar, vocals), Colin Harte (bass), and Craig Sala (drums). They make rustic, gravelly-voiced punk in the vein of Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, The Lawrence Arms, etc, and they do a lot of justice to that sound. If you've got a place in your heart for this kinda stuff, Neckscars' nostalgia-inducing anthems should definitely scratch an itch.

Neckscars recorded their upcoming debut album Don't Panic with producers John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance, Brand New, etc) and Sean Paul Pillsworth (Coheed & Cambria, Shai Hulud, etc), and it comes out on June 18 via Sell The Heart Records in the US (pre-order) and Engineer Records in the UK (pre-order). We're premiering new single "Jarring" and its video, which splices together footage of the band performing and goofing off at the beloved Purchase, NY pub The Cobble Stone.

"'Jarring' was one of the later tracks for the record and was inspired by my efforts to improve my health during the pandemic," Will says. "During that time, I took up road cycling and it just seemed fitting for the video to portray me feeling free, riding my bike and hitting up a bar. Hopefully these things will feel normal again soon."

The single hits streaming services on May 14 (pre-save). Check it out below...