NY scalping laws are expiring soon
"....Under a law that expires in June, licensed ticket resellers may charge up to 45 percent above the face value of tickets for events at large arenas. But for places with fewer than 6,000 seats, including most Broadway theaters, those brokers are limited to no more than 20 percent, or $5 over face value, whichever is greater.....

....Mr. Schoenfeld said that the effect of the current law 'has been to penalize primary ticket sellers (who are not currently allowed to resell via auction sites, etc.) while rewarding the secondary marketplace, much of which is unregulated.' That problem could be turned into a solution, he said, 'by allowing authorized auction sites for ticket resale' that would provide additional consumer protections, like refunds for cancellations....." [NY Times]

Arkansas is also reconsidering their scalping laws.

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