Where were you when you found out the Associated Press, CNN, and a bunch of other news outlets called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, winning him the 2020 election? If you're in NYC, it's possible you learned the news from a sudden eruption of audible celebration from your neighbors or the street. I was on a subway car that broke out in cheers upon hearing the call, and similar scenes played out all across the city, as car horns honked, fireworks were set off, and people clapped, banged on pots and pans, and started spontaneous dance parties. Contributing BV photographer Sachyn Mital headed to Union Square and Washington Square Park and took some pictures of the celebrations happening there. Check them out below, along with videos of partying in Times Square, Columbus Circle, Barclays Center, and McCarren Park (Chuck Schumer cameo included), on a historic Saturday.

NYC was one of many cities with mass celebrations of Trump's defeat, including one in DC outside of the White House (where people blasted YG's "FDT") and even London and Paris.


photos by Sachyn Mital

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