The annual NYC Feminist Zinefest brought over 70 booths (find the full list here) and around 700 attendees to Barnard College on Sunday (3/25). The all-ages, trans-positive event isn't affiliated with Barnard, but it's been happening at the college since 2014. Columbia Spectator wrote:

Sellers and zine makers presented a range of content and products, including zines, patches, pins, and tote bags with their feminist and political inclinations reflected in the craft. While some booths communicated broader feminist messages, others represented specific organizations or causes, such as La Horchata Zine, which focuses on artists with Central American ancestry, and We’re Hir, We’re Queer, a Brazilian-American collective which publishes works primarily by non-male, queer, and transgender people.

One organization present was the Doula Project, a non-profit dedicated to supporting people throughout all stages of their pregnancy. Their first zine—“DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During, & After Your Abortion”—was also sold at last year’s festival.

Doula Project representative Mick Moran spoke on why they believe zines are a more effective means of communicating potentially sensitive information.

“Zines are a way of creating access to things that aren’t talked about in the media,” Moran said. “They’re inexpensive, you don’t have someone else telling you what you can or can’t say, and they have a history of being political. You are the media with zines, and we actually host our entire zine online as a PDF, because while we sell them and take donations at places like this zinefest, we want people to have as much access as they can.”

Check out pictures from the 2018 Feminist Zinefest in the gallery above.


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