NYC's first night mayor, Ariel Palitz, created a survey for "nightlife workers, freelancers, and businesses" impacted by the coronavirus, to report lost income. Here's more information:

The Office of Nightlife is gathering information on lost income for workers, performers, contractors, and businesses from COVID-19-related business closures and event cancellations.

Please provide details for your canceled shifts, gigs, events, and other lost business income, revenue, or work opportunities so that we can share details with city-wide policy makers about the impacts of these closures.

We understand that sharing financial information can be sensitive and we appreciate your participation. Unless you provide contact information and consent, all information will be anonymous and aggregated. You will have the option to share your story if you like.

This survey is for workers, performers, independent contractors, and business owners in New York City nightlife, including bars, live music venues, nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, and other social and cultural spaces.

At the Office of Nightlife, we thank you for participation and here to support you through this challenging time.

If you work in nightlife in NYC, fill out the form here.

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