Kosmodemonic are staples of NYC's local metal scene, and they're finally ready to release a followup to their impressive 2016 debut LP The Inebriating Darkness. The new album is called Liminal Light and due May 7 via Transylvanian Recordings, and we're now premiering its second single "Ipomea." Like on their debut, Kosmodemonic make a very appealing mix of doom, black metal, and psychedelia, and "Ipomea" is no exception. It's a heavy, hypnotic, hauntingly melodic song, one that feels like a kindred spirit of bands like Oranssi Pazuzu and Blut Aus Nord. And like both of those bands, it's got crossover appeal. If you aren't really a "metalhead" but you like dark, psychedelic music, don't sleep on this one.

Guitarist/vocalist David Bozzler spoke to us a bit about expanding their sound into "non-metal" territory as a heavy music songwriter: "’Ipomea’ was chosen as the second single because it demonstrates how we incorporated new and varied influences into Liminal Light. One struggle that I’ve had as a heavy music songwriter is striving to strike the balance between capturing the spirit of metal — by maintaining strict stylistic principles — while also trying to push the sound into newer sonic territories that aren’t necessarily so scripted or strictly tied to being ‘metal.’ For Liminal Light I allowed myself to work with material that was much more melodic, and which wasn’t always tied to underground metal, per se. To my ears. 'Ipomea'’s swarm of bees-like attack hints at my long-standing obsession with Swans (the Jarboe period) as well as my love for the kind of repetition you hear in krautrock and drone music."

Swans, krautrock, and drone definitely come through, as you can hear for yourself right here:

Watch the lyric video for previous single "Moirai" too:

1. Drown in Drone
2. Moirai
3. Hidden Light
4. With Majesty
5. Ipomoea
6. Lover of Leaving
7. Broken Crown
8. Chains of Goddess Grove
9. Unnaming Unlearning

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