NYC screamo band OLTH are gearing up to release their debut LP every day is sOmeOne's speciaL day on June 2 via Zegema Baech Records. They recently released lead single "THe LasT sOng" and we're now premiering second single "screamO sucks" and its video. OLTH traffic in the kind of raw, noisy, lo-fi screamo in the vein of stuff like Jeromes Dream and Neil Perry, but then they'll work in some ethereal Slint-link stuff too. This song, with its minute of chaotic fury that leads into a piano-fueled coda, is a perfect example of that. Here's what the band says about the song and its video:

“screamO sucks” is one of our favorite songs to play live. Because it’s such a fun part of the live set for us, we wanted to capture the spirit of an OLTH gig for the associated video. At a recent show, we asked the audience to film on their phones while we played that song and send us the results. This music video brings a bunch of those clips together. Thanks to everyone who filmed at that show for making it possible - and shoutout to the soon-to-be-gone seCret loCation where we had the pleasure of playing the show and filming it.

The video was edited by Dylan Kennedy. Check it out below.

I caught OLTH opening Liturgy's album release show at TV Eye earlier this year, and as good as their recordings are, the live show is really where they flourish. They had the crowd going absolutely nuts--way more nuts than you might expect from an opening band at a sold-out show--and nothing could stop the band from giving it everything they've got. Even when their bass stopped working, their bassist just flung himself into the pit and kept the chaos going.

OLTH now have their own album release show happening on June 1 at The Broadway, and this time Liturgy are opening for them, alongside Angel Emoji, Number1fairytale, DJ Shiver, and "maybe more..??" The band also say it's the last OLTH show for a while. Liturgy also have tons of other upcoming dates.

OLTH Liturgy

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