Women's Marches protesting the inauguration happened all over the world today, with the largest one happening in Washington DC (where Janelle Monae and Maxwell spoke and performed) (pics from that march HERE). The NYC Sister March was no slouch either as far as attendance went, bringing thousands of people to the streets of midtown. The NY Post says:

The crowd — which NYPD sources estimated may have swelled to 200,000— stretched some 15 blocks, and Fifth Avenue was so clogged that marchers couldn’t move forward. Despite the glacial pace, the mood was buoyant, and police said that as of the late afternoon, there were no arrests. “I’m really excited that this was a peaceful demonstration,” said lead organizer Katherine Siemionko. “It’s been a great day.” Participants ranged from young children carried on adults’ shoulders to women in their 80s and 90s, one of whom carried a sign that read: “I can’t believe I still have to protest this s–t.”

NYC protestors carried signs ranging from pussy puns to Beyonce lyrics. The march, which ran from around Grand Central Station to Trump Tower, had people of all ages and all genders coming together. Check out a gallery of photos from today above.

There have also been a ton of protest and benefit compilations released for charity in the past couple of days.

Washington DC photos HERE.

Pictures of the Chicago Women's March HERE.


photos by Amanda Hatfield

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