The 2022 edition of NYC's New Colossus Festival is coming up quick, happening March 9-13 at East Village and Lower East Side venues Pianos, Mercury Lounge, Berlin, East Berlin, Bowery Electric and Arlene's Grocery. Featuring over 100 acts from all over the world, many of whom are stopping in NYC on their way to SXSW, the festival was inspired by CMJ, allowing badgeholders to club hop between venues with an emphasis on discovery and emerging artists. Badges ($99) are on sale now.

New Colossus has just released the 2022 schedule and finalized lineup, that includes artists from the UK (Garden Centre, Trunky Juno, The Lotts, more), Canada (Pottery's Paul Jacobs, The Garrys, Tallies, Living Hour, Capitol, Art d'Ecco, more) and other points around the globe.

Other acts playing New Colossus: Norwegian band Pom Poko, Italian band Qlowski, The Natvral (Kip Berman of Pains of Being Pure at Heart), Eternal Summers' Nicole Yun, No Age's Randy Randall, new Captured Tracks band Thus Love, Wah Together (members of LCD Soundsytem, The Rapture), Real Numbers, and more, plus showcases from Dedstrange (the label run by A Place to Bury Strangers), M For Montreal, Kanine Records and more.

There are also panel discussions at Pianos on Thursdays, and day parties at some venues Friday - Sunday that are free and open to anyone 21+.

Check out the full New Colossus 2022 lineup and schedule below and visit the fest's website for more details on the acts.




Wednesday March 9
Kickoff Party
7:15pm Qlowski (IT/UK)
8pm Buckets (US)
8:45pm Nicole Yun (US)
9:30pm The Slaps (US)
10:15pm Beach Body (CA)
11pm S.C.A.B. (US)

Thursday March 10
7pm Docents (US)
7:45pm Punchlove (US)
8:30pm jackie (CA)
9:15pm Sunglaciers (CA)
10:45pm Shower Curtain (US)
11:30pm Holy Wisdom LLC (US)

Friday March 11
12pm Emily Weekes (US)
12:45pm Garden Centre (UK)
1:30pm Enjoyable Listens (UK)
2:15pm Catcher (US)
3pm Jango Flash (UK)
3:45pm The Lotts (UK)
4:30pm Shower Curtain (US)
5:15pm Randy Randall of No Age (US)

7pm Cigarettes For Breakfast (US)
7:45pm Dharmacide (ES)
8:30pm Letting Up Despite Great Faults (US)
9:15pm Jelly Kelly (US)
10pm Hause Plants (PT)

Saturday March 12
Shoegaze / Psych Party
12pm Capitol (CA)
12:45pm Bodywash (CA)
1:30pm Yeah, Baby
2:15pm Sunglaciers (CA)
3pm Living Hour (CA)
3:45pm Zoon (CA)
4:30pm Blushing (US)
5:15pm Paul Jacobs (CA)

7pm Morning Silk (US)
7:45pm Marta Del Grandi (IT)
8:30pm Die Cigaretten (DE)
9:15pm Living Hour (CA)
10pm Beechwood (US)

Sunday March 13
Closing Party
12pm The Garrys (CA)
12:45pm The Natvral (US)
1:30pm Nicole Yun (US)
2:15pm Diary (US)
3pm Blushing (US)
3:45pm Yeah Baby (CA)
4:30pm Laura Lee & The Jettes (DE)
5:15pm Thus Love (US)



Wednesday March 9
Dedstrange Party

7pm Docents (US)
7:45pm Randy Randall of No Age (US)
8:30pm Dead Tooth (US)
9:15pm Thus Love (US)
10pm Paul Jacobs (CA)
10:45pm GIFT (US)
11:30pm Wah Together (US)
12am DJ Chrissy (Death By Audio)

Thursday March 10
Kanine Records Party

7pm Diary (US)
7:45pm Yeah, Baby
8:30 Garden Centre (UK)
9:15pm Nicole Yun (US)
10pm The Natvral (US)
10:45pm Blushing (US)
11:30 Tallies (CA)
12am DJ Agent blå (SE)
1am Dj Cole Koch

Friday March 11
Paste Magazine Party

7pm The Natvral (US)
745pm Zoon (CA)
830pm Thus Love (US)
915pm Blushing (US)
10pm Laura Lee & the Jettes (DE)

Saturday March 12
Bands Do BK Party

7:45pm Shred Flintstone (US)
8:30pm Slow Fiction (US)
9:15pm Mary Shelley (US)
10pm Paul Jacobs (CA)
10:45pm Laura Lee & the Jettes (DE)



Thursday March 10

Main Room:
7pm The Matlocks (US)
7:45pm Real Numbers (US)
8:30pm Art d'Ecco (CA)
915pm Emmrose (US)
10:00m May Rio (US)

Map Room:
7pm Nicole Mercedes (US)
7:45pm Coline & Toitoine (BE)
8:30pm Westelaken (CA)
9:15pm Wetsuit (US)
10pm Yours Are The Only Ears (US)

Friday March 11

Main Room:
7pm Capitol (CA)
7:45pm BELAKO (ES)
8:30pm Phobophobes (UK)
9:15pm Fat Trout Trailer Park (US)
10pm Fieh (NO)
CURFEW 10:30pm

Map Room:
6:30pm Love, Burns (US)
7:15pm Aaron Pfenning (US)
8pm Real Numbers (US)
8:45pm The Death Of Robert (ES)

Saturday March 12

Main Room:
7pm Trunky Juno (UK)
7:45pm Belaire’s (US)
8:30pm TVOD (US)
9:15pm The Lotts (UK)
10pm Ok Cowgirl (US)

Map Room:
Doors 6pm
6:30pm Shallow Waves (CA)
7:15pm Status / Non-Status (CA)
8pm Witch Prophet (CA)
8:45pm Marissa Burwell (CA)



Thursday March 10

7pm Randy Randall of No Age (US)
7:45pm Ava Vegas (DE)
8:30pm Deer Scout (US)
9:15 Yoo Doo Right (CA)
10pm Vera Di Lecce (IT)
10:45pm Forever Honey (US)

Friday March 11

7pm Climates (US)
7:45pm Strawberry Launch (US)
8:30pm Catcher (US)
9:15pm End of Fun (SE)
10pm Lovechild (US)

Saturday March 12

7pm Maria BC (US)
7:45pm Garden Centre (UK)
8:30pm The Backfires (US/UK)
9:15pm The Institutes (UK)
10pm Namesake (US)

Friday March 11

7pm Beechwood (US)
7:45pm Maria BC (US)
8:30pm The Gloomies (US)
9:15pm Wah Together (US) (Record Release)
10pm Pom Poko (NO)
10:45pm Tallies (CA)


Wednesday March 9
Registration in Main Bar opens at 2pm-10pm


5:15pm Phantom Handshakes (US)
6:pm Tallies (CA)
6:45pm Zoon (CA)
7:30pm Meto (CA)
8:15pm Living Hour (CA)
9pm A Very Special Episode (US)
9:45pm Couch Prints (US)
10:30pm BEND (US)
11:15 Raavi (US)

Upstairs Lounge
5pm Diary (US)
5:45pm Vera Di Lecce (IT)
6:30pm Yoo Do Right (CA)
7:15pm Alicia Clara (CA)
8pm Yours Are The Only Ears (US)
8:45pm Ava Vegas (DE)
9:30pm Gus Englehorn (CA)

Thursday March 10
Panels 2pm-5pm FREE, open at 1:30.
Registration to 8pm

5pm-7pm Happy Hour Mixer Presented by FUGA

7:45pm Kierst (US)
8:30pm Buckets (US)
9:15pm Laveda (US)
10pm Catcher (US)
10:45pm Deep Sea Peach Tree (US)
11:30pm Climates (US)

7pm Ellen Froese (CA)
7:45pm Hobby (CA)
8:30pm Beach Body (CA)
9:15pm Emily Weekes (US)

Friday March 11

Upstairs Neighbours Party
Presented by CIMA and the Consulate General of Canada in NY

12pm Ellen Froese (CA)
12:45pm Shallow Waves (CA)
1:30pm Sunglaciers (CA)
2:15pm Living Hour (CA)
3pm Tallies (CA)
3:45pm Westelaken (CA)
4:30pm Status / Non-Status (CA)
5:15pm Art d'Ecco (CA)

12pm jackie (CA)
12:45pm Mother Tongues (CA)
1:30pm Marissa Burwell (CA)
2:15pm Hobby (CA)
3pm Alicia Clara (CA)
3:45pm CAPITOL (CA)
4:30pm The Garrys (CA)

M for Montreal Party
7pm Meto (CA)
7:45pm Alicia Clara (CA)
8:30pm Bodywash (CA)
9:15pm Zoon (CA)
10pm Paul Jacobs (CA)
10:45pm Mother Tongues (CA)
11:30pm Yoo Doo Right (CA)

7pm Satus / Non Status (CA)
7:45pm Beach Body (CA)
8:30pm The Garrys (CA)
9:15pm Art d’Ecco (CA)

Saturday March 12

12pm Belako (ES)
12:45pm Witch Prophet (CA)
1:30pm Dharmacide (ES)
2:15pm Shallow Waves (CA)
3pm The Gluts (IT)
3:45pm Jango Flash (UK)
4:30pm End of Fun (SE)
5:15pm Hause Plants (PT)

7pm Foley (US)
7:45pm Clone (US)
8:30pm Discovery Zone ((US)
9:15pm The Gluts (IT)
10pm Wah Together (US)
10:45pm Thus Love (US)
11:30pm Phobophobes (UK)
12am Curfew

Pianos Upstairs Lounge
12:45pm Coline & Toitoine (BE)
1:30pm The Death Of Robert (ES)
2:15pm TBA
3pm Maria BC (US)
3:45pm The Garrys (CA)
4:30pm Fieh (NO)
5:15pm The Institutes (UK)

7pm Nicole Mercedes (US)
7:45pm Real Numbers (US)
8:30pm Enjoyable Listens (UK)
9:15pm Phantom Handshakes (US)

Sunday March 13
Closing Party

12pm Die Cigaretten (DE)
12:45pm The Lotts (UK)
1:30pm Marta Del Grandi (IT)
2:15pm The Gluts (IT)
2pm The Institutes (UK)
3:45pm Lily Desmond (US)
4:30pm TOFLANG (ES)
5:15pm TBA

12pm Doors
12:45pm Status / Non-Status (CA)
1:30pm Punchlove (US)
2:15pm Maria BC (US)
3pm Trunky Juno (UK)
3:45pm Buckets
4:30pm The Backfires (US/UK)
5:15pm Witch Prophet (CA)

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