New Zealand progressive tech-death unit Blindfolded and Led to the Woods will issue their third LP Nightmare Withdrawals on March 26 via self-release (pre-order). The album boasts guest vocal appearances by Karl Sanders of Nile (on recent single "Atop the Wings of a Magpie") and Callum Gay of Spook The Horses, and those names should help draw in some new listeners, but once you click play, BALTTW's towering music speaks for itself.

We're premiering second single "Black Air," which gives you a very good idea of what to expect from this LP: proggy, tech-y, and brutal but still with a ton of atmosphere -- it makes sense that they've been compared to fellow New Zealanders Ulcerate. "'Black Air' is a commentary on the commodification of the human condition," vocalist Stace Fifield tells us. "We're on sale and everything must go! Nothing is sacred and this seemingly obvious disconnect with our human selves and the systems we frame and package our personal experience within is fundamentally wrong and we know this in our bones. If this subject interests you, buy our record."

Stream the new song and watch the video for the Karl Sanders collab below...

1. The Inevitable Fate Of The Universe
2. Black Air
3. …And You Will Try To Speak
4. The White Of The Eyes
5. Atop The Wings Of A Magpie (featuring Karl Sanders of Nile)
6. Lucid Visitations (featuring Callum Gay of Spook The Horses)
7. Nightmare Withdrawals
8. The Obscured Witness
9. Rorschach And Delirium
10. Sic Mundus Creatus Est


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