by Bill Pearis

NZCA Lines Sarah Jones Charlotte Hatherley

NZCA Lines, the nom-de-keyboard of British musician Michael Lovett, will soon return with album #2, titled Infinite Summer, which will be out in January via Memphis Industries. The first single, "Persephone Dreams," is a lovely piece of blissed-out, somewhat krauty synthpop, stretching over six minutes of square-waves, steel drum and guitars. Check it out, and stream NZCA Lines' underrated debut album, below.

Lovett, who was part of Metronomy's live band in 2013 (his brother is former Metronomy member Gabriel Stebbing), has assembled a NZCA Lines live band that includes current ace Hot Chip drummer Sarah Jones and former Ash guitarist (and solo artist in her own right) Charlotte Hatherley -- a pretty formidable trio. Let's hope they play North America for this album. Album art, tracklist and "Persephone Dreams" stream, below...


(via Stereogum)

NZCA Lines Sarah Jones Charlotte Hatherley

NZCA Lines - Infinite Summer tracklist
01 "Approach"
02 "Persephone Dreams"
03 "Chemical Is Obvious"
04 "Two Hearts"
05 "Infinite Summer"
06 "New Atmosphere"
07 "Sunlight"
08 "How Long Does It Take"
09 "Jessica"
10 "Do It Better"
11 "Dark Horizon"
12 "The World You Have Made For Us"