John Kerry, Richard Lugar, Bono and Joe Biden
Biden and Bono


A few points of clarification for Sunday's event (in response to this post)- not sure it matters this late in the game, but thought you should know:

1) There is a suggested donation of $20 that will go directly to Obama for America, but we will not be collecting donations at the door. There will be a tent/tables inside the venue where concert-goers can donate. Also, people can donate at any level.

2) We will have a list of people that donate $20 so that if they decide to give early in the day, they can come by the table at the end of the event to pick up their poster (so they don't have to carry it around).

3) As for those that donate beforehand, we are setting aside posters for them but because there is no guaranteed entrance (it's still a free, public show) we are encouraging everyone who donates early to make sure they arrive at an appropriate time to get inside the venue.

In addition, this is a completely grassroots-organized event (all volunteers). The campaign did not have any involvement.