Florida death metal lifers Obituary are not just legends of the genre, but they remain a genuinely great band today. Their last album (their 2017 self-titled LP) was genuinely great, as was their 2019 single "A Dying World," so it's very exciting news that they've written more new music and are eyeing the first half of 2021 to release it.

"We actually started writing some new material for a new album," bassist Terry Butler said in a video interview with Heavy Culture, as Blabbermouth points out. "We have a handful of songs kind of written — a lot of rhythms getting kicked around. We're gonna start practicing soon."

"We're gonna be doing something really cool," he continues. "I can't announce it yet. We're gonna announce it in about a week. I don't wanna say it at the moment, because I don't wanna be the one to get in trouble. But it's gonna be cool, and we'll blast it out over all the social sites." He later adds, "Our hope is in 2021, maybe in the first half of the year, put a new record out."

Obituary played classic albums in full on tour in late 2019, just a few months before everything shut down, and assuming concerts do return in 2021, they're set to play Psycho Las Vegas and Hellfest. "Everything we had scheduled for this year has been postponed, and it's gonna be rescheduled for 2021. So hopefully that will go through — festival dates and some tours we had lined up," Terry said.

Watch the full interview on YouTube and stream "A Dying World" below...