Orange County hardcore band Take It To Heart are gearing up to release a new EP, Hymns For the Hopeless, on August 12 via Safe Inside Records. The band take influence from 2000s hardcore bands like Carry On, American Nightmare, and Have Heart, and they do a ton of justice to that sound on new single "Ghostwriting A Catharsis," the first taste of this upcoming EP.

"'Ghostwriting A Catharsis' is about finding things that move you and have a profound, lasting effect on your life," the band tells us. "For me, it was comic books and hardcore. To another, it can be something wildly different! The commonality is that we found something to be excited about and become impassioned individuals with newfound purpose! The title is a nod to an episode of Axe To Grind Podcast in which esteemed guest Pat Flynn [of Have Heart, Fiddlehead] noted, 'you are the author of your own catharsis' when discussing the notion of music 'saving' one’s life. I deduced that if I am the accredited author of my catharsis, then the music and books must be the ghostwriter."

Listen here:

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