Content warning: this article contains descriptions of domestic abuse.

UK rapper Octavian has been accused of domestic abuse by his ex-partner Hana, who's also a musician known as Emo Baby, The FADER reports. Hana posted a statement to social media alleging that Octavian pressured her into getting an abortion, beat her with a hammer, kicked her, and threatened to kill her. She also mentions that she filed a police report, and explains why she posted her statement just ahead of the release of Octavian's official debut album Alpha, which is expected to be released this Friday (11/13).

"The reason I have decided to share my story now, just before his album release, is because I don’t want anyone to look up to this man," she said. "I particularly do not want young girls to listen to the dark music he makes to celebrate his abuse."

UPDATE: Octavian's label Black Butter Records dropped him following the allegations and cancelled the release of his album. "We at Black Butter have taken the decision not to continue working with Octavian and we will not be releasing his album," a spokesperson for the label told BBC. "We do not condone domestic abuse of any kind and we have suggested Octavian seeks professional help at this time."

Octavian's U.K. publicists, Pattern Publicity, confirmed to The FADER that they are no longer working with Octavian following Hana's post. "After these allegations have come to light, we have stopped all work with Octavian as we cannot condone, nor support abusive behavior," a rep told the publication.

Octavian has reportedly denied the allegations.

You can read Hana's full post -- which contains detailed allegations of violent abuse -- below.

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