As mentioned, O'Death have a new album and are currently on tour. They had some very bad luck around the Los Angeles date of their tour:

Hi Friends,

Our band, O'DEATH, was robbed outside of Los Angeles after our show at The Echo on Oct 30.

Our van and trailer were stolen, and along with it, all of our equipment, instruments, personal belongings, and merchandise, including hundreds of units of our new album and all of our other records on Vinyl, CD, and some tapes too, along with hundreds of T-shirts, posters, hoodies, flasks, buttons, everything we made for this tour. We also lost a couple of laptops, a camera, and most of us even lost all of the clothes we brought on tour...

...We hope to play many more and anticipate extensive recording output in the coming years, but we just lost everything and this is a HUGE SETBACK.

I'm so sorry for the sob-story, but we've literally just lost every asset. For those of you familiar with our music, you may know our sound is cultivated. A lot of our tools are NOT instruments that can be bought in a music shop - they are pieces we found on the side of the road along our journey. They are irreplaceable. So, we will not rebuild - we will start again. We could really use your help right now. We don't want to give up on this tour - we really believe in this album - we've been working on this tour to support this album since before the winter ended, and if we can't finish it, it will feel like 2014 is lost!

There's information on what was stolen here. The band have set up a Gofundme if you'd like to help and they've already raised $15k since Friday (10/31). O'Death had to cancel their Halloween show at Pappy & Harriets in Costa Mesa, but are trying keep as many shows as the can. Their NYC date is November 14 at The Bell House (tickets).

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