Seattle dance duo ODESZA are known for their highly visual performances, that frequently synchronize lasers, pyrotechnics, and other colorful displays with live drummers and guest vocalists. Unfortunately, part of the fireworks display towards the end of their set at Las Vegas festival Life is Beautiful on Sunday (9/23) misfired, shooting out into the crowd instead of up in the air. An attendee's video shows its trajectory as it arcs over and into the crowd.

TMZ reports that two people were treated on scene for minor injuries resulting from the firework, "one person hit in the stomach and the other in the eye." They also spoke to local police about the cause of the accident:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ one of the pyrotechnics fell over when the firework unit malfunctioned, causing a spark to shoot out.

photos by FilmMagic and aLIVE Coverage for Life is Beautiful

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