It may be a cheap ploy but it works -- put cute dogs in your video and we'll watch. Making the part of a story involving a love triangle between Instagram-famous dogs, all the better, which is the plot of of Montreal's video for "Polyaneurism," the new single from their forthcoming album, UR FUN. “Kevin wanted to tell the story of Polyaneurism's lyrics using dogs as the characters," says director (and of Montreal drummer) Clayton Rychlic. "Billie was perfect for playing the role of the nervous third in a love triangle, and many friends pitched in to help create a world of dog art and dog dreams." The song's pretty good too -- watch below.

UR FUN is out January 17 and of Montreal will be on the road starting late February, including dates with Lily’s Band, Lily and the Horn Horse, and Locate S.1, including a Brooklyn show at Elsewhere Hall on March 5 with Lily’s Band (tickets).

Before that tour, Kevin and Locate S.1’s Christina Schneider (They’re both on the UR FUN album cover) will play a holiday show at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge on December 20 (tickets).