by BBG

Keith Morris of Off! at SXSW (more by Brian Reilly)

The incredible Off! (made up of members of Black Flag, Earthless, Burning Brides, and Red Kross) will make their NYC debut at Europa on 10/21 as part of a Scenic CMJ showcase at the venue. Tickets go on sale at 11:55 AM, and limited badges will also be let in. The show is their only current NYC date during the festival (stay tuned for if that changes), but the show will be one of at least two for Earthless's Mario Rubacalba, as Earthless will also play Mercury Lounge with Strife the night before, one of two Strife shows that the band is playing (they play Death By Audio on 10/21 with Gay For Johnny Depp).

With their 1st EP 7" set to drop on Tuesday (10/12), Off! also have a pair of Record Release shows in LA next week. Amoeba Records (6400 W Sunset Blvd) gets the first taste with an all ages shindig at 7PM while the second will go down at the now defunct Club Lingerie (6507 W Sunset Blvd) across the street at 10pm (21+).

All dates and some incredible live video is below...

OFF! - Darkness (Live)

OFF! - Upside Down (Live)

10/09 Double Door, Chicago, IL (part of Riot Fest)
10/13 Amoeba Records Los Angeles, CA
10/13 Club Lingerie Los Angeles, CA
10/21 Europa Brooklyn, NY
11/7 Fun Fun Fun Fest Austin, TX

Earthless - 2010 Tour Dates
Oct 10 - Berbati's Pan Portland, Oregon
Oct 20 - Mercury Lounge New York, NY