Off Minor -- the jazzy screamo band formed by Jamie Behar and Steve Roche after the breakup of their former band Saetia (whose other ex-members formed Hot Cross) -- have just given their 2004 sophomore album Innominate a remixed reissue on cassette and digital via Zegema Beach Records. The remix was done by Steve earlier this year, and the Bandcamp release is currently the only legal stream of this album. (The band's debut LP The Heat Death of the Universe is streaming at Clean Plate Records' Bandcamp.) The label writes:

Perhaps the biggest honor ever bestowed on Zegema Beach Records, the remixed version of ‘Innominate’ by the legendary jazzy screamo band OFF MINOR. Remixed by drummer/vocalist Steve Roach at Permanent Hearing Damage earlier this year, the eight songs sound better than ever. Whether it’s the bassy instrumental banger “Devil Ether”, the chaotic cornerstone “In SL” or epic closer “Family Circus”, every track on this album is exemplary and now even further refined. Our initial run is across 212 copies with the following breakdown:
- 67 orange swirl (+8 w/glitter shift and purple case -> randomly inserted)
- 63 black swirl
- 53 platinum gold swirl
- 10 white (only available through Limited To One)
- 2 mystery swirl
- 11 test dips

All cassettes come in a clear case with double-sided j-card, triple-panel insert booklet and download code. 8 songs.

Stream Innominate below.

Off Minor broke up in 2008 but both Jamie Behar and Steve Roche have remained active. Steve and Tom Schlatter have a project together called Working Through Rust who just released the Words About the End EP last week with Matt Grande on vocals (stream that below too), and Jamie is playing in Lytic.



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