In a new get-out-the-vote PSA (made in collaboration with When We All Vote,, and PushBlack), Migos' Offset discussed his complicated personal relationship with voting as a way of encouraging voter participation ahead of the upcoming 2020 elections.

As explained by Rolling Stone, his spot in the PSA was inspired, in part, by a recent conversation Offset had with fellow rapper Common, in which he explained that, after his first felony conviction as a teenager, he was wrongly told he couldn't vote. Despite the lack of truth behind that statement, Offset had always been hesitant to register, until his mother (who always encouraged him to get involved in political and social issues), told him that he had been misinformed. His personal stake in this issue inspired him to get involved — to speak on the importance of voting and encourage those who can register to do so and participate in this important process.

As Offset stated during the PSA, "Look what we've done so far. It still could be 10 times better, but you’ve gotta vote. That’s what change the rules, change the laws. I really felt good voting, because I was told I couldn’t, or I was told I wouldn’t be able to clean up or get away from my past, and look where I’m at now."

You can watch the PSA below.

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