Prolific psych/garage rockers Oh Sees maintained their rep as one of the most energetic live acts out there at their final of three shows at Brooklyn's Warsaw on Friday (10/19). From live staples including "Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster" and "The Dream," to selections from their heavy new LP Smote Reverser, the band were at peak physical and musical form throughout the night, especially John Dwyer whose onstage presence remains a force to be reckoned with.

As usual, the band didn't bother with long stage banter, as most of the tracks in the set often bled into one another seamlessly, which led to a highly immersive live experience powered by the band's two-drummer engine that never lost an ounce of energy or rhythm all night. Near the front of the stage, a large portion of the crowd began feverishly moshing once the show kicked off, with some frantic audience members staying in the pit for the entirety of the show. Tons of sweat-drenched fans bounced and swayed along, remaining in an almost trance-like state for the majority of the night.

Near the middle of the show, Dwyer told the audience, "Since you've been very well-behaved tonight, we're going to play an extra long set for you guys," in reference to what was an apparently very rowdy crowd at Thursday's show. Things still got pretty insane during the show's last two tracks, "I Come From the Mountain" and "Contraption/Soul Desert," with the latter extending into a full-fledged jam session, running at least 10 minutes long.

Pictures from the whole night, including openers The Flying Luttenbachers and Landed, are in the gallery above, and a few videos from Oh Sees' set are below.


photos by Ebru Yildiz

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