Oh Sees are putting out a box set with 12 of their albums...on 8-Track. Really. The format, which peaked in the mid-'70s, is now home to albums The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In, Help, Castlemania, Carrion Crawler/The Dream EP, Putrifiers II, Floating Coffin, Drop, Mutilator Defeated at Last, A Weird Exits, Orc, Memory of a Cut Off Head, and Smote Reverser. Every 8-track cart in this collection was reconditioned by hand from 40+ year old cartridges and each album is on a specific color and hand numbered cartridge.

Housed in a box featuring new artwork by longtime collaborator Elzo Durt, Oh Sees/Thee Oh Sees/OCS: The 8-Track Collection also comes with box also comes with a 36-page fanzine, a 5x7 photo signed by Oh Sees main man John Dwyer, plus iron-on patches, pins and stickers. It took them a year to put this to put the 100 box sets together, 60 of which are for sale to the public. Says main Oh See John Dwyer: "Niche? Yes. Substantial? Yes. Fucking cool? We think so."

Preorders are available Monday, November 25 at 10 AM Pacific. You can read more of Dwyer's press release for the box set, and listen to a stream of "Beat Quest" (from Smote Reverser) below.

Oh Sees rolled though Brooklyn back in October on their tour for new album Face Stabber.


collectors beware
your gathering of arms is dangerously close to incomplete
the wizard has shook his crooked stick and *poof*
a thing of beauty
12 selected full albums from the discography of john dwyer’s oh sees, thee oh sees and OCS
ranging from 2008-2018
the meat of the beast
this touring machine has time machined back in time to plant their kisses upon a plethora..no, a rainbow of 8 track cartridges
professionally dubbed and packaged beautifully (fest your peeled peepers on the pictures below)
with art by ELZO DURT ( ocs live, carrion crawler artist)
flourished with fan zine, iron-on patch pins and stickers

its a tank
had to search through many dimensions to unearth this arcana
and it took a master to wrangle it all into shape for this very special and limited release
niche? yes
substantial ? yes
fucking cool?
we think so

cheers big ears

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