As mentioned, Massachusetts punks Oh The Humanity! are releasing a self-titled album on April 16 via Hellminded Records (pre-order). They recently released the singles "Wit's End" and the Fest-inspired "Everyone in Gainesville (Looks Like Someone I Know)," which are both fast-paced melodic punk/hardcore rippers that take influence from bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, Propagandhi, and Strung Out, but they show off a different side on third single "Never Worse." This one practically counts as a ballad compared to the other two songs, but they've still got their punk grit intact. Think of the slower, emo-tinged Lawrence Arms and Hot Water Music (and also Strike Anywhere) songs and you might have an idea of what to expect. The band says:

"Never Worse" is a song about bad habits and not being able to get out of your own way. In the video our protagonist (or antagonist depending on how you look at it) represents this both in their actions and in their physical form. The worse their behavior gets, the more their form changes into something unrecognizable and negatively impacts those around them.

We wanted to put together a video for "Never Worse" but were having some issues coming up with a concept that allowed us to continue following social distancing recommendations. We were discussing video options with our friend Justin when he offered the idea of animating something for us. We had a call with him and explained some of the imagery that ran through our singer Kevin's head when thinking about and singing this song and he turned that into this video!

Oh The Humanity! are just as good at this slower, more somber sound as they are at rippers, as you can hear for yourself by checking out the new song and video below. The video features animation by Justin Owens and videography by Aaron Marinel.


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