Closedown are a new-ish post-hardcore/screamo band from Ohio (formed by two members of Wolf Teeth) who just put out their killer new EP Bask In The Dancing Light, which follows their recent Funeral Diner cover. It's sort of somewhere in the progressive post-hardcore orbit of Circle Takes The Square and early La Dispute, but also with some sprawling post-rock, some more metallic tendencies, and other cool stuff thrown in. If you tend to like this kind of music, this EP is not to miss.

The EP is out now on Tony God Inc and Middle-Man Records, with proceeds going to Black Lives Matter Cleveland. The band writes:

Before our lengthy thoughts, here are some organizations you should consider giving your attention to: Black Lives Matter Cleveland, Reclaim the Block, Tamir Rice Foundation, Lorain County Urban League, Center for Black Equity.

Today, with the help of Tiny God Inc. and Middleman Records, we present to you four songs, songs written as a means of personal healing. Frustrations of growing up in poverty, processing sexual abuse, ecological guilt, the internal struggle to destroy the toxic man that resides within us. Though individually we have dealt with pain, we have been given the luxury to do so in safety, without policy, police, and public opinion adding to the weight we all carry day to day.

In light of recent events, we see many white artists championing justice, the dismantling of racist power structures, posting black squares in well-intentioned, but ultimately harmful, solidarity. It is easy for us now to fan the flames of a fire that has been burning for so long, a fire we often only notice when it has been stoked by another advertised tragedy.

Like many others, we will be donating our digital sales to our local Black Lives Matter. Like many others, we will have a limited edition T-shirt for a cause. We will share radical memes, and songs of black artists we admire. Surely this is all helpful, but there is more work to be done.

While we are all sharing our own art and opinions, please remember the fire was there before we arrived, it was built from the wearing foundation we benefit from, by people much braver than us. It is not ours... we are not the roaring light demanding to be seen, to be heard, but we must help it grow, and we must listen.

You can stream the album below and pick up physical copies and/or tee shirt bundles at Bandcamp.


For ways to help out in the fight against racism and police brutality, here are some resources.