Jeffrey Lewis repping Olive Juice Music @ Mercury Lounge (more by Chris La Putt)
Jeffrey Lewis
OJ All Day Music Fest

The OJ All Day music festival is an annual event put on by Olive Juice Music, a D.I.Y. label, studio, and online distributor, based in New York City, interested in helping people who are in the developmental stages of trying to do something with their art.

June 19th and 20th at: The Brooklyn Lyceum (227 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY)

The 2009 lineup for OJ All Day includes The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Schwervon!, The New York Howl, Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, Ching Chong Song and many more.

Jeffrey Lewis, who releases his comics on Olive Juice and has cut many records with the label, won't be playing this year, but Dufus, who toured with Lewis earlier this year, will.

Full schedule, trailer, other videos and more info, below...

OJ All Day Fest 3 Trailer

OJ All Day - Friday, June 19th

Formal Friday: OJ All Day's Friday night kick-off is a black-tie affair for performers and audience members. Of course 'formal' is up to the discretion of the wearer, and is sure to be treated with innovative style from this musical community.
Main Stage
* 7:00 pm - Kansas State Flower
* 8:00 pm - The Woes
* 9:00 pm - Wooden Ghost
* 10:00 pm - Bugs in the Dark
* 11:00 pm - Ching Chong Song
* 12:00 am - Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers

2nd Stage
* 7:30 pm - Brook Pridemore
* 8:00 pm - Dan Costello
* 8:30 pm - Herb Scher and the Key Lime Pie Revue
* 9:30 pm - Randi Russo
* 10:30 pm - Barry Bliss
* 11:30 pm - Purple Organ

OJ All Day - Saturday, June 20th

Saturday Night: The festival wraps up with an all-night dance party featuring DJ Black Helmet
Main Stage
* 2:00 pm - Kung Fu Crimewave
* 3:00 pm - Lady Bright
* 4:00 pm - Elastic No No Band
* 5:00 pm - Sprinkle Genies
* 6:00 pm - Huggabroomstik
* 7:00 pm - Urban Barnyard
* 9:00 pm - The New York Howl
* 10:00 pm - Dufus
* 11:00 pm - The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
* 12:00 pm - Schwervon!

2nd Stage
* 2:30 pm - Elizabeth Devlin
* 3:00 pm - Thomas Patrick Maguire
* 3:30 pm - The Best
* 4:00 pm - Steve Espinola
* 4:30 pm - Liv Carrow
* 5:00 pm - Pablo Das
* 5:30 pm - Susan Hwang
* 6:30 pm - Lisa Lilund
* 7:30 pm - Prewar Yardsale
* 8:30 pm - The Wowz
* 9:30 pm - Toby Goodshank
* 10:30 pm - The Babyskins
* 11:30 pm - Dave End
* 12:30 am - Jackie Bruce
* 1:30 am - Mango Glaze

OJ All Day events

Clothing & Book Exchange
The free swap meet! Bring some books! Bring some clothes! Or not! Regardless, you can take some books or clothes as a souvenir to remember this DIY event (as long as someone brings some stuff). At the end of the day it will all be donated to Housing Works, a non-profit that is fighting the twin crises of HIV/AIDS and homelessness.

Craft Fair
The OJ community does more than music. Come check out the visual art, crafts, brews, and who knows what else our community has been up to. Take a peek or buy something to take home.

OJ Distro Brick & Mortar
Normally, the Olive Juice Distro only exists in cyberspace. But for this day, you'll be able to purchase music from all your favorite artists in person! Save on shipping! See the artwork that till now has been only a glimpse on a computer screen.

Book Vendors
Bookstores such as Bluestockings and Rocketship Comics will be setting up shop to get you your fix alternative literature.

Rock Star Hair
Local stylist Topher will help you get that dream-do that you've been putting off for far too long.

Local tattoo artist Tasha Rubinow of New York Hardcore will give you that dream-tattoo that... you've been putting off for far too long.

Olive Juice will be raffling off CDs and goods and services from local vendors.

Massage by Michelle
For a between-band break. You deserve it.

OJ All Day After Brunch
Come to the Sidewalk Cafe on Sunday June 21st from 1-4pm with your OJ All Day badge to receive a $3 discount off brunch. Plus get $3 off additonal boozy brunch drinks!

OJ DJ BK (Sidewalk's Ben Krieger) will be playing tunes while everyone dines and recovers from last night's party.

Sidewalk Cafe is located at 94 Avenue A on the corner of 6th Street in Manhattan