As mentioned, Red City Radio (who formed in Oklahoma City but whose members are now spread across the US and Canada) will release their new album Paradise on December 4 via Pure Noise, their first for the label (pre-order). "We took the album title from the song of the same name," said vocalist/guitarist Garrett Dale, "which is about finding your own paradise – even if that’s just a hard journey you’re going to take. That’s what paradise means to me – a paradise of the mind, finding truth and peace and love through your honest, horrible realities. It’s all how you look at it, all perception. Paradise can even be a prison if you look at it that way."

"It’s this internal state that you find within yourself," guitarist Ryan Donovan adds, "within your own journey, within your own reconciliations with your own demons, or even just finding peace inside in whatever it is that you love in whatever capacity. People find paradise in just sitting at home on the couch with their dog or cat, people find paradise writing music, people find paradise painting or reading – it’s all kind of conceptual and internalized."

Having recently released three songs from the album, we're now premiering a fourth, "100,000 Candles." Red City Radio have been a band for over a decade at this point, but if you're new to them, they make anthemic, gravelly-voiced punk in the spirit of Hot Water Music and The Lawrence Arms, and this new song finds them doing what they do best. It's a ripper, and it's so full of hooks that you'll be humming along before the first listen even ends. Like the album title, it strikes a balance between struggle and positivity. "The world is a scary and unstable place, right now. It's literally burning but, fire isn't simply a destructive force. Fire can also be cleansing," drummer Dallas Tidwell tells us.

"The image of the burning forrest as candles turns something destructive into an image we associate with hope," he continues. "It becomes a chance that isn't too late to change our fate, to choose a new path. To learn from those mistakes we have to ask ourselves: How did we get here? Why is the world on fire?"

Listen and watch the lyric video:

And stream the three previous singles here:

1. Where Does The Time Go?
2. Baby Of The Year
3. Did You Know?
4. Love A Liar
5. Young, Beautiful & Broke
6. 100,000 Candles
7. Paradise
8. Edmond Girls
9. Doin' It For Love
10. Apocalypse, Please!
11. Fremont Casino
12. Gutterland


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