J Crew

"Surely somebody has noticed that the old 9:30 Club building in Washington, D.C., is soon to be a J. Crew store. Surely someone will claim this is somehow ''ironic,'' that the club that fostered the all-ages hardcore scene of Minor Threat, Government Issue and Fugazi will soon sell pairs of $140 Café Capri pants in geranium lace. I don't see the big deal. But I worry about the smell." [NY Times]

The 9:30 Club is currently located at 815 V ST. N.W., WASHINGTON DC.

Upcoming shows there include Miike Snow (who just played three nights in NYC), Willie Nelson (who recently got a statue in Austin), Andrew Bird, who just played Coachella and has two shows coming up at Beacon Theater & ASAP Rocky (who just played Coachella and whose upcoming Chicago opener L.E.P. Bogus Boys was reportedly kicked off the bill by the police).

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