Old 97's @ 7 WTC, NYC - Sep 17, 2007 (CRED)
Old 97s @ 7 WTC

Went to see the Old 97s today...Perfect venue...a bit cool, early evening (no worries about safety getting home), and the LOUD didn't matter; it was outside. The sound wasn't great, really bassy, but with all the concrete & glass around, no surprise. They played a great 50 minute set. I really enjoyed it. [Putting the New back in New York]

They opened for the Hold Steady, and the band called Illinois played the free show before them. Old 97s front-man Rhett Miller is playing the Blue Note on September 20th - early & late. More solo dates below....

Rhett Miller - 2007 Tour Dates
Sep 20 - Blue Note New York, New York
Sep 21 - Schubas (early show) Chicago, Washington
Sep 22 - Schubas (Early Show) Chicago, Illinois
Sep 23 - Shank Hall Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 27 - Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, Texas

* more Rhett Miller

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