Old Man Gloom recently released the great new single "EMF" off their highly anticipated eighth album Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning (due 5/22 via Profound Lore), and today they revealed that actually they're releasing two albums this year, including their ninth album Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being, and that one is out now! Like Seminar VIII, it was made by the current lineup of Santos Montano (Zozobra), Aaron Turner (Isis, Sumac), Nate Newton (Converge), and Stephen Brodsky (Cave In), as well as bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield before he passed, and they had recording and/or mixing assistance from the dream team of Kurt Ballou, Matt Bayles, and Randall Dunn. This one also features contributions from Mike McKenzie (Wear Your Wounds, The Red Chord), JR Conners (Cave In), and Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer). "EMF" hinted at more of a faster, punk/hardcore-tinged sludge sound that you might expect from Old Man Gloom, and there's plenty of that on Seminar IX, but there's also a huge array of other things like eerie noise and strummy acoustic dark folk and more, and the whole album sounds pretty awesome so far. Stream it below.