Long-running psych greats Dead Meadow released the new album The Nothing They Need earlier this year, and frontman Jason Simon also has an album on the way with a new project, Old Mexico. It's a trio with Trans Van Santos (aka Mark Matos) and jazz drummer Dave Mihaly, and lead single "The Old Ones" features sax by Michael Bello. Some of Dead Meadow's permastoned psych-rock sound is in the mix, but there's also a huge free-jazz influence at play here. Here's how Jason Simon says it all came together: "In 2016 I was invited to San Francisco to perform at the Family Folk Explosion, a ‘Last Waltz’ style concert series hosted by Van Santos. I picked a number of unrecorded material and songs from my last solo album to perform. During rehearsal I was taken with the looser/jazzier interpretations of the songs I brought." From there, the trio kept jamming and Old Mexico was born.

Van Santos adds, "I kind of took the Neil Young approach that he took with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: his composition “Helpless” could have easily been on his own albums but it became a CSNY song on record. He still plays it live with his solo band, in the same way that you can hear the Old Mexico songs interpreted by our ‘main projects.’ It’s a matter of interpretation. These are some of our songs, as interpreted by this band we formed called Old Mexico."

Old Mexico's self-titled debut album comes out January 11 via Union Zero (pre-order). Listen to the premiere of "The Old Ones" below.

Old Mexico

Past The Western Wall
Stellar Jay
Black Matador
Madeline Kahn
The Old Ones
Neon Tree