Massachusetts band Oldsoul (singer/guitarist Jess Hall, guitarist Tom Stevens, bassist Chance Wells, and drummer Sam Checkoway) will follow last year's You Were Overwhelmed with a new 7" single, "High On Yourself b/w "Safety Net," on Counter Intuitive Records (pre-orders coming soon). We're premiering the A-side and its video, which is one hell of a song. It starts out as calming dream pop, and it eventually explodes into a cathartic, anthemic, emo/post-hardcore climax. Jess is just as good at hushed, ethereal singing as she is roaring at the top of her lungs, and the passion in her voice is tangible.

"It feels incredible to get these songs out during a year of such uncertainty," Jess tells us. "We had no idea what was going to happen. It’s been undeniably hard on us, but through supporting each other, we managed to come out of this stronger than ever. These songs represent the resilience of us as people. They prove that together, we are an unstoppable force of energy. We’re very proud of these songs, and hope that they can inspire others to keep pursuing the things they love."

Tom adds, "We wrote and demoed these songs in my bedroom last spring during quarantine. We had been on tour for a month when the lockdown started, so rushing home to stay at home 24/7 was a surreal suspension of reality. At the same time, I was struggling with a relationship that I knew was failing. It took some time to accept these drastic changes as real. To me, these songs are about clinging to normalcy and the anxiety brought on by big changes."

The new single was made with Zach Weeks, who also mixed and engineered You Were Overwhelmed, and Jess says, "Zach Weeks is truly a master of his craft. Every project we’ve worked on with him has been a beautiful combination of our vision and his technical artistry. He pours his all into each session, giving us a professional and genuine experience every time we collaborate. It’s been an honor to grow as a band with him, and we look forward to returning to God City for future releases."

Tom adds, "Zach has brought intensity and focus to each session we’ve done with him, and he expects others to match him. I’m meticulous about recording, but I feel comfortable taking a step back when he’s in the control room. Behind his work ethic, though, is a unique intelligence and passion for music that keeps the process creative and exciting. It really felt like it was as much his project as any of ours, which is a good feeling."

Check out the new song and video (edited by Brian Terranova) below...

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