Omaha screamo band Living Conditions are releasing a new record, Vows, on March 27 via Middle-Man Records (pre-order), and we're premiering new single "We Did It For The Roses." Like previous single "Marigold" (which was on Middle-Man's 2020 comp Sordid States V.3), it's harsh, raw, chaotic, '90s-style screamo that sounds like if Chaos Is Me-era Orchid got a little more into black metal. It's furious, impassioned ripper, and you can stream it below.

"Most of this record deals with loss and adjusting to your life and surroundings once it’s all gone," Kevin from Living Conditions tells us. "This song is about trying to hold onto those pieces and versions of yourself after that loss and as life passes you by. It can become harder to rationalize who you were or what you valued when the world continues to move on, while you remain stagnate in grief and the process of trying to accept and understand what your life will be without."