Though Highline Ballroom still lists it as May 2nd, The Omar Rodroguez Lopez show seems to be postponed to September. Omar will be in NYC soon though, but not for a musical reason. And in case you're wondering, Omar's peeps answered some questions about this:

Will there be a tour announced or is that still the only Omar show this year? (in September) I just want to know if I should go to NYC or wait for Chicago
I can't answer you yet. I'm trying to have more than one show in Sept and Chicago has been discussed but is not definite yet

Is it a good move on my part to buy a ticket for the Omar show right now knowing that it will be granted at the rescheduled event?
I would just wait until we announce the new date but it would be honored all tickets for May 2 show will be honored at new date at that Venue

Which members could not play at the may 2 show?
why does it matter, why do you guys always have to push for information that doesn't matter.

for the Omar solo show, if we could not make the new date, can we get a full refund. It's wasn't my fault I couldn't make it to a date I didn't pick.
I'm sure you will be able to make that choice

Harsh set of FAQs. (Thanks Mike)

Trailers and other videos related to Omar's movie ("The Sentimental Engine Slayer"), below...

The movie has its North American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.