Ondara (fka J.S. Ondara) has announced his third album, Spanish Villager No: 3, due September 16 via Verve Forecast (pre-order). The album was produced by Ondara and past collaborator Mike Viola (Jenny Lewis, Andrew Bird, etc) with contributions from Taylor Goldsmith and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes, Sebastian Steinberg, Tim Kuhl and Jeremy Stacey. Of the Spanish Villager character, Ondara says "he formed himself during some of my darkest times, and as he came to life, he carried in his heart all the anxieties I had about my journey and about this new world I had moved to."

He also adds, "I always feel like I’m walking in the dead of night, darkness as my guide, yielding to the subconscious instincts of the muse. Then at some point as the day breaks, I look back and find that the path behind me has outlined something interesting. That is how this project came together, one blind step after another. Collectively, I think of the whole project as one epic poem — a subconscious exploration of the world inside and outside me."

The first single is "An Alien In Minneapolis," a climactic folk-pop song that finds Ondara's voice sounding as stunning as ever. He says, "Each song on the new album is an exploration into the world and the mind of The Spanish Villager. Some of them paint a picture of specific scenes from the story while others delve into his psychology. Following the disappearance of SV in the narrative, copies of a newspaper titled The SV Times start appearing in random places in Minneapolis where he is thought to be hiding out. ‘An Alien in Minneapolis’ refers to this part of the story."

Listen and watch the video below...

1. An Alien in Minneapolis
2. A Blackout in Paris
3. A Seminar in Tokyo
4. A Shakedown in Berlin
5. A Drowning in Mexico City
6. A Prophet of Doom
7. A Seasonal Amnesia
8. A Nocturnal Heresy
9. A Suspicious Deliverance
10. A Witch and A Saint
11. A Contrarian Odyssey
12. An Alien in Minneapolis – Edit (DIGITAL ONLY)

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