One King Down has a pretty interesting history. Their first two releases (one of which is repressed on the CD version of this very EP) featured the remarkable vocals of one Rob Fusco. He had the amazing distinction of singing in a metal-tinged hardcore band, but sounding human. Not that there is anything wrong with the distinctly inhuman sounding vocals in bands like All Out War, or Snapcase, but there is a certain degree of emotion that Rob managed to convey that just couldn't come from screams alone.

Bloodlust Revenge, the last record to feature Rob, was a six song hardcore opus, with nary a bad track on the disc. It was pure ass-kicking, aggressive hardcore, the likes of which I never seemed to hear in the increasing popular by the book, macho hardcore bands that were becoming popular. [Punk News]

Albany straightedge band One King Down played their first show in 17 years at This Is Hardcore a couple weeks ago, and now they're set to play a hometown-area show. It happens October 6 at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY with All Out War, Wisdom In Chains, Downswing and Scavengers. Tickets go on sale Friday (8/10) at 10 AM.

One King Down were around from 1994 to 2001 and had a bunch of releases on Equal Vision, including the much-loved Bloodlust Revenge (that's talked about above in an old Punk News review of 2000's Gravity Wins Again). They recently put out a very limited, remastered 20th anniversary reissue of Bloodlust Revenge with bonus material. Physical copies are sold out, but you can get it digitally for $5. You can also stream the remastered album (sans bonus material) below.

After playing This Is Hardcore, the band wrote:

If we're being 100% honest, we're still trying to process what just happened this weekend. It was far beyond anything that we could have ever hoped for. We felt like kids again. Like someone picked us up and dropped us into 1998 one more time. To everyone who came out, we can't thank you enough. We're so humbled by the response. We're forever grateful.

Watch some videos of their set below.

(h/t Lambgoat)