If you've been to any recent shows at the Forest Hills Stadium, which began hosting concerts again in 2013 for the first time since the '80s, you know that there is absolutely no lack of porta potties around the venue. What you may not have known, is that one of those porta potties is a secret entrance to the most VIP seat in the house. As NY Post points out, you need a specific 9-volt battery to open the porta potty's lock, and "once you do, you’ll enter a rock ’n’ roll Narnia filled with sofas, a prime view of the show and a plentiful supply of free booze."

Show promotor Madison House Presents president Mike Luba told The Post, "We thought it’d be funny if people standing in line for the [real] porta-potties suddenly saw 20 people come out of one, like a clown car." A member of the stadium security crew added that even people who know about the room have trouble finding it: "Half the time, people trying to find the room open the door to a potty and just find somebody taking a leak."

The article points out that the porta potty VIP room isn't the only secret room at Forest Hills Stadium. There's one called the Racoon Room ("so-called because a family of raccoons was discovered inside it, one of them eating a Milk Dud") which has a self-serve bar and you need a password to get in (which changes every show). Another password-protected room is the Sign Room, where the U.S. Open's sign painter once worked, an possibly lived. "We’re pretty sure he was living or at least sleeping in [it]," Luba told the post. “When we found this place, there was a cot in it.” Luba also mentions that ("without naming names") artists who have played the stadium have used the room for afterparties.

Check out a couple pictures of the porta potty VIP entrance here.

Recent shows at the venue include Bob Dylan & Mavis Staples, Paul SImon (twice), and Dolly Parton.

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