Oneohtrix Point Never premiered MYRIAD, a site-specific presentation of songs from his new album Age Of, at Manhattan's Park Avenue Armory on Tuesday night (5/22) as part of this year's Red Bull Music Festival. Or, as it was referred to in the programs on everyone's seats, a "Concertscape" envisioning "The Extraordinary and Fantastical Deathsong of the Worst Timeline Immemoriam In Which We Bear Witness to the Tribulations of Puppet, a Wretch & His Dumb Friends; A Rat, A Garbage Bag, & the Rest of Us."

I'm not sure I followed or could even discern a storyline at Tuesday night's performance, but Daniel Lopatin and his new live ensemble (Kelly Moran, Aaron David Ross and Eli Keszler) certainly filled the Armory with sound and sights. Ethereal new age soundscape pop like this (Age Of is his most song-oriented LP to date), presented in surround sound, is made for a massive venue like the Armory and sounded great. It was easily the most engaging performance by 0PN I've ever seen, and his band -- especially drummer Keszler -- brought things to life, even if the players were as stationary as the audience.

Livening things up were two bizarre sculptures, part Chuck Jones, part Matthew Barney, that rotated slowly from the ceiling, and two French window-style screens behind the band that projected bizarre animations (some featuring those weird sculptures) and other stuff. The garbage bag mentioned above came to life in a giant blob sculpture that inflated and deflated during one song; dancers in cowboy hats made their way through the audience at one point; and electronic artist Prurient and cellist Kelsey Lu joined the group separately for songs, adding noise and beauty, respectively.

After the main MYRIAD performance, which was broken into song suites titled ECCO, HARVEST, EXCESS, BONDAGE, and EPILOGUE, the group came back for a two-song encore of "Child Of Rage" and "Chrome Country." They were selling Age Of (which isn't officially out till next week) in a dedicated merch room that also featured a player grand piano that was playing solo arrangements Age Of songs (as performed by Kelly Moran) which was a cool touch.

MYRIAD will have two more performances on Thursday, May 24 (both sold out). Cellphone pics were discouraged but a few instagram videos, and the setlist, are below.

SETLIST: Oneohtrix Point Never 'MYRIAD' @ Park Avenue Armory 5/22/2018
Age Of
Still Stuff That Doesn't Happen
Toys 2
We'll Take It
The Station
Love in the Time of Lexapro
Black Snow
Last Known Image of a Song
Never Ending Happening

Child of Rage
Chrome Country


photo credit: Drew Gurian & Todd Owyoung / Red Bull / Content Pool

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