ONETWOTHREE is a new group featuring members of the late-'70s/early-'80s Swiss punk scene, all of whom are bassists. The band includes Klaudia Schifferle of Kleenex / LiLiPUT, as well as Madlaina Peer of the Noknows and Sara Schär, who was singer for TNT and Souldawn, and bassist for The Kick. They formed in 2018, finding the idea of a group made of three bass players novel, and they've just announced their debut album which will be out October 15 via Kill Rock Stars

There is more than bass on their album, as ONETWOTHREE make skeletal DIY post-punk that draws on the influential music they each made with their former groups. If you are a fan of Kleenex / LiLiPUT you'll definitely want to hear the album's opening track, "Perfect Illusions," that is twitchy, poppy and danceable. We've got the premiere of the song's video, and you can watch that below.


1. Perfect Illusions
2. Give Paw
3. Jamais
4. Buy Buy
5. Oh Boy
6. Sudden
7. Adventure
8. Clouds
9. Fake
10. Bubble
11. Things

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