LA-via-Chicago rapper Open Mike Eagle has emerged as one of the more consistently solid underground rappers of late, and this year's Brick Body Kids Still Daydream is his latest triumph. He's got a style that's chill and laid back, but with a surprisingly intricate delivery. And while the rapping itself is never in your face, Mike's lyrics certainly are. Mike gets introspective and admits "I die in all of my dreams" on the hook to "(How Could Anybody) Feel At Home," and he gets political on "Happy Wasteland Day," which is tempting to read as a Trump song, due to lines like "When the king is a garage person, I might wanna lay down and die." In that same song, he begs "Can the people get one day without violence? One day without fear?" in the hook, and the second verse has scenes that take place at a protest rally. He keeps it going on the next song, "Daydreaming in the Projects," a soulful ode to "the ghetto children solving problems in the projects around the world." Mike knows how to shake things up musically too. His usual vibe is chilled-out rap with neo-soul hooks, but then there's "TLDR (Smithing)," a song you can actually sorta dance to.

The above quote is from my review of Open Mike Eagle's great new album Brick Body Kids Still Daydream in today's (9/15) Five Notable Releases of the Week. Mike also begins his tour in support of the album today, with support on various dates from three likeminded indie rappers: the Don Giovanni-signed Sammus (who's on Mike's new album), Scallops Hotel (aka Milo), and Billy Woods.

The tour includes a NYC show with both Scallops Hotel and Sammus on September 25 at Knitting Factory (tickets). All dates are listed below.

Milo and Billy Woods also both have new albums out this year that are very worth hearing. Milo's is who told you to think​?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​!, which should instantly connect with fans of the new Open Mike Eagle (and Milo also namedrops Open Mike Eagle in the lyrics). Billy's, Known Unknowns, is more aggressive than Milo and Mike, but no less anti-commercial. Stream all three below.

Open Mike Eagle -- 2017 Tour Dates
Sept.15 – Dallas, Texas – RBC
Sept.16 – Houston, Texas – The Secret Group
Sept.17 – Austin, Texas – Barracuda
Sept.20 – Madison, Wis. – High Noon Saloon
Sept.21 – Detroit, Mich. – Marble Bar
Sept.22 – Chicago, Ill. – Schubas Tavern
Sept.23 – Ames, Ind. – Maintenance Shop
Sept.24 – Minneapolis, Minn. – 7th Street Entry
Sept.26 – Brooklyn, N.Y. – Knitting Factory
Sept.27 – Washington, D.C. – Black Cat Backstage
Sept.28 – Cambridge, Mass. – Middle East Upstairs
Sept.29 – Philadelphia, Pa. – Kung Fu Necktie
Sept.30 – Portland, Maine. – Waking Windows
Oct. 5 – Seattle, Wash. – Barboza
Oct. 6 – Portland, Ore. – Doug Fir
Oct. 23 – Phoenix, Ariz. – Valley Bar
Oct. 24 – San Diego, Calif. – The Casbah
Oct. 25 – Los Angeles, Calif. – The Echo
Oct. 26 – San Francisco, Calif. – Independent

9/15 - 9/26 - with Sammus
9/26 - 9/30 - with Scallops Hotel
10/5 - 10/26 - Billy Woods

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