Rapper, comedian, TV producer, and podcaster Open Mike Eagle will bring his What Had Happened Was podcast back for a second season, starting on March 31, and this season he'll be interviewing El-P. (Season 1, which you can hear on Spotify and Apple Music, was with Prince Paul.)

You can get a taste from the three-minute trailer video which has some clips from the podcast about the formations of Company Flow and Run The Jewels, as well as a short video clip of Open Mike Eagle and El-P, and photos from throughout El-P's career and teases of Cannibal Ox (whose first album was produced by El), El's former label Definitive Jux, El's early solo material, and more. The podcast airs every Wednesday and it launches own Mike's own podcast network, Stoney Island Audio. Mike says it'll be available "wherever you listen to podcasts."

El-P says, "I was psyched to sit down with Mike Eagle and do what every artist likes to do most: talk endlessly about myself. Hopefully my shattered, weed addled memory didn’t get too much in the way."

Open Mike Eagle also recently released "Gold Gloves" (produced by The Lasso) from Mello Music Group's upcoming Bushido compilation, and you can hear that below too.



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