Takka Takka drunk on Newcastle
TAkka Takka

David Bruno (who is also DJing Saturday night at Love) will start playing music in the main-stage room at Pianos at 7pm today (MARCH 31, 2008). Bottles of Newcastle will be given away from 7-8 from the new little bar they put inside that room. Comedy starts at 8. Then Bell. Then Takka Takka AND ANOTHER HOUR OF OPEN BAR from 10-11 (while Takka is playing - this will be an experiment)....same type of alcohol, same little bar that is in the show room. Drink as many as you can before John Vanderslice (and Annie Clark) takes the stage at 11 (then keep drinking if you want, but you have to pay for it). Oh yeah, $3.00 Svedka lemon drops all night. See you there.