While Operation Ivy frontman Jesse Michaels has been busy in Classics of Love and Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman stay very active with Rancid, drummer Dave Mello had been playing alongside members of Neurosis, Dystopia and more in Kicker. However, he's now parted ways with the band. Kicker write:

Unfortunately, due to changing life circumstances, Dave Mello has tendered his resignation behind the drums in Kicker. We’ve had loads of good times and great memories in our 5 years together and we're super proud of the LP we got to record with him. Looking forward to spending more time with him and his lovely family moving forward in the years to come and wishing them the best of luck with their journey into the wild blue yonder. Once a Kicker, always a Kicker!

Stayed tuned for more updates…

No word on what those "changing life circumstances" are, but maybe we'll learn more soon.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Tim did a mini Operation Ivy reunion earlier this year. Last year, Jesse Michaels said he "wouldn't rule out" an Operation Ivy reunion, but also that it's "not [him] hinting that it's in the works or anything like that," and in a separate interview, Dave Mello said he's "totally for" an Op Ivy reunion, but "it’s something the other members don’t need."

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