Brooklyn's Operator Music Band make motorik, analogue-synth noise rock that is probably the closest this city comes to Stereolab in 2017. This Friday (3/3) they'll release Puzzlephonics I & II, which pairs their original 2015 EP with a sequel of sorts on the flip side for one electro-groovy LP. We've got the premiere of "Koma" from side II, and OMB's Jared Hiller tells us a little about it:

The interesting thing about this song is that we kind of built it together piece by piece, in a seemingly unnatural way, yet in the end, I feel like it's the most "us" song on the album. There is something about the statement of the main synth line that is kind of self-seriously comical and heroic. The middle part (where I sing) fits into our kind of "one and done" philosophy about a song having an emotional peak that never repeats and is brief but effective. It was also the first time we tag-teamed the lyrics and worked it out in committee. Ultimately, "Koma" may be us at our aesthetic best.

Stream "Koma" and another song off the LP, below

Operator Music Band will play a record release show at Brooklyn's newly-reopened Shea Stadium on Thursday (3/2) with Jelani Sei, Zenizen, and Straw Pipes. Tickets are on sale. That's the start of their tour as well, which will take them to SXSW and back. All tour dates are listed below.



Operator Music Band - 2017 Tour Dates
3.2.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium (Record Release)
3.8.17 - Baltimore, MD - Windup Space
3.9.17 - Raleigh, NC - Neptunes
3.10.17 - Atlanta, GA - 529 Bar
3.11. 17 - Birmingham, AL - Desert Island Supply Co.
3.12.17 - New Orleans, LA - Saturn Bar
3.15 - 3.18 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
3.19.17 - Tulsa, OK - Soundpony
3.21.17 - Hot Springs, AR (VOV Fest)
3.22.17 - Nashville, TN - East Room
3.23.17 - Indianapolis, IN - State Street Pub
3.24.17 - Akron, OH - Hive Mind Collective

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